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Pictures always tell a story, here they also capture life's magic.

Sun at Full Aperture

Silver Creek Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Creek Falls State Park is located in the Central Willamette Valley between the quaint towns of Silverton and Sublimity, Oregon.  


We arrived just as the sun had started to pour into the Silver Creek Canyon.  With the Pacific Northwest's cold, dark and gloomy winter it was a nice to see the sun.  Photographers try to get to their favorite spot, in the morning, as the sun is just starting to fill the sky with light, we were much past that.  In fact, as we parked the car, we passed a small band of photogs scurrying back their car, with cameras, bags full of lenses, and tripods in tow.

South Falls Cafe

As we walked from the car to the trail, I smiled, knowing that there would likely be no other photogs on the trail. All of the "good light" had passed and all that remained was the harsh light of sun at full aperture.

Rainbow Through the Mist

The DeathStar is About to Clear the Moon

The DeathStar is About to Clear the Moon

Falling Light

Light Through the Mist

Taking on the Sun

Embrace the Light

Embrace the Light

The weather was gorgeous, the light was not ideal, but I did the best I could with what I was presented.  Photography is not always about taking the best shot at the best time, sometimes its about taking the best shot with what has been presented to you as a photographer.  If you like these shots please take a look at my gallery to find some of the Magic I've Captured with the light I was provided.  Use them how you please, computer or phone wallpapers, large prints for your home, gifts to a friend, or simply an addition to your photo library.  The only thing is ask is that you tell people where you got them.

Andrew Bauer