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The Science of Art

I recently helped my son with his science project.  We visited the local library in search of a Mr. Wizard's Science Experiment book.  A book I had used on several occasion as a child, which contained numerous experiments easily done with normal household items. My father introduced me to Mr. Wizard as a child and we would often complete experiments from the book.

After not finding the book at the library and looking online for ideas, my son asked if we could do something with photography.  As a scientist and a photographer, I became very excited.  I remembered seeing light painting photos on Instagram and thought he might be interested.  We searched "light painting" online and found videos on Vimeo and YouTube.  From that point he was hooked and became very excited about light painting for his science project.  The project quickly became a family affair with his little sister asking to participate.  I sent them off to search the house for items we could use to make the paintings.

While they searched the house, I searched online and found where I purchased the small started kit for about $113.  The kit came with a LED Flashlight, universal mounting attachment, 8 light brushes, a blue light want and one white fiber optic wand.  

The weekend we chose to make the paintings we were at the Oregon Coast during one of the winter's worst storms, which made it difficult to paint outside.  We improvised and used the dark garage of the house we had rented.  The paintings were captured on a tripod mounted Nikon D810 mounted to a Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens.  Like all experiments, it took us several attempts and failures to get the settings on the camera just right.  Each photo was shot with the camera in Bulb mode with an ISO of 100.  All three of us participated in front of and behind the camera, and as you can imagine, we all learned and had fun.  Like the Mr Wizard experiments, anyone with a DSLR can do these with household items.

The gallery below contains all of the light paintings we created.